Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards

Sewage Sludge Subcommittee

In March 2005, the ISCORS Committee reviewed the status of all committees. At that time, the Committee reached the conclusion that the Sewage Sludge subcommittee be sunset. The Committee recognized the excellent contributions of each of the participants, and will continue to monitor Federal Agency activities in this area.

The Sewage Sludge Subcommittee under the joint auspices of the NRC and EPA, conducted a survey to collect information concerning radioactive materials in sewage sludge and ash from sewage treatment plants [referred to in industry as publicly owned treatment works (POTWs)], conducted dose modeling to help with the interpretation of the results of the survey, develop final guidance on this subject for the POTW owners and operators. The survey was conducted to respond to recommendations from the General Accounting Office to 1) determine the extent to which radioactive contamination of sewage sludge and ash is occurring; 2) notify the POTWs that receive discharges from NRC’s and Agreement State’s licensees of the potential for radioactive concentration in the sludge and the possibility that they may need to test or monitor their sludge for radioactive content; and 3) establish limits for radioactivity in sludge and ash to ensure the health of treatment plant workers and the public.


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